October 25, 2017

Why Was Prince Using Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is by far one of the most lethal drugs in the world today, so it’s no surprise that Fentanyl related deaths are up 540% in just three years.

Of course, a lethal dose is subjective based on how much a person weighs and what their level of tolerance is, but among other accessible substances the ‘kill pill’ is the worst.

To see just how dangerous fentanyl is compared to other legal and illegal drugs take a look at the statistics below:

  • A lethal dose of morphine is typically around 200mg.
  • The lethal dose for heroin is reported as being between 75 and 375 mg.
  • Hydrocodone is lethal around 90mg.
  • A single dose of 40mg of oxycodone is considered lethal.
  • For fentanyl however, it only takes a measly 2mg to be lethal for the average person.

Out of all these substances the nearest in terms of lethality is oxycodone and that is still 20x less dangerous than fentanyl, which is why people like Prince can easily overdose.


Why was Prince using fentanyl?

It is not known for how long Prince was using drugs recreationally before his death, but it was stated by close acquaintances of his that he was taking up to 80 prescribed pills a day for numerous reasons.

At the end of his life, he was taking up to 80 pills a day,” a source exclusively says of Prince’s addiction leading up to his accidental opiate overdose. And Fentanyl wasn’t the only drug he was abusing. “The opiates that Prince was taking included Percocet, Vicodin and Norco.

He was using these pills initially for their designed purpose, to reduce pain.The reason why he was abusing so many was because of his various health conditions that much of the public was unaware of. Six months before his death he was diagnosed with Aids after previously getting HIV in the 1990’s. This no doubt lead to numerous health problems as well as extreme mental and emotional stress.

Along with the effects of Aids in his system, Prince was also dealing with chronic hip pain that he had developed from his constant use of platform heels on stage when performing. Additionally, he suffered from occasional seizures and needed routine cortisone injections that caused him to deal with insomnia.

With all of these various issues, it’s understandable why someone would take so many pills and put themselves in potential danger. It is natural instinct to want to relieve pain, and it doesn’t even matter whether we’re talking about an animal or a human, we all want to have some comfort when in pain. As time goes on however, that comfort begins to subside as you continue using.

After all of his time abusing numerous prescription opioids it is likely that he developed a considerably strong tolerance to all sorts of painkillers, which made him move on to something stronger like fentanyl. At only 5’3 and 113 pounds even the smallest amount of drugs is enough to create an intense response in his body and since he was relatively new to fentanyl it was possible that he didn’t know how what a safe dosage would be.

There were a couple of personal factors that also contributed to Prince’s sudden overdose that could have potentially been avoided.

According to those who knew him, Prince absolutely hated hospitals and avoided medical testing of any kind. This hatred/fear even cost him an estimated $115 million throughout his life, because he would not undergo testing that concert tour insurers required. Not only did this affect his finances, but it also affected his health as he was not aware of what was going on in his body. A dedicated doctor would have been able to create a plan to wean Prince off of prescription painkillers and treat his pain in a healthier manner.

Now it’s understandable to not like hospitals, many people get anxiety when approaching a doctor’s appointment because they don’t want any bad news, but Prince despised hospitals out of a severe lack of trust.

When he was young Prince suffered from epilepsy and was rarely taken to the hospital, this seems to have been a major cause to his fear of hospitals, but also contributed to his lack of overall trust in people. A source he worked with in the music industry stated that Prince did not trust anyone even his own family.

This lack of trust likely played a large role in his life which can be seen in actions he took such as isolating himself in his house and avoiding outside interaction. Since he forced himself into isolation, he was not able to get advice and the help that he needed to fix his problems, so he decided to go deeper down the path of the drugs as a solution.

As unfortunate as it is, Prince’s story can be a great example of what not to do throughout your own journey.

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