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David Ludington, CEO


I absolutely love what we do at Connection 2 Recovery and take personal pride in the progress of those we help to break free from the heavy chains of addiction. As a national leader in addiction treatment and rehabilitation, C2R’s network of facilities offer exceptional clinical programs to those in need.

Our website was created to introduce you to our unique treatment philosophy rooted in essential elements I developed during my almost 20 years in the behavioral and mental health profession, an approach that has helped tens of thousands of people find their way to recovery. By applying these elements, we believe everyone can not only beat their addiction, but flourish in their new life of sobriety.

Our clinical staff, medical specialists, and executive teams are caring, seasoned experts who understand the importance of integrated treatment programs customized to an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. From initial assessment to aftercare, all of our facilities offer nurturing environments that foster successful recovery.


David Ludington


Call Us Now To Begin Your Recovery:

(877) 212-8299