Workplace Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program

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Workplace Addiction and Substance Abuse Program

Connection 2 Recovery’s Workplace Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program (WASAP) alleviates and assists in support to your individual workforce on a wide range of mental health and substance abuse issues impacting employee, organizational management, and overall health and workplace performance.

WASAP provides confidential support services, on demand when you need it, at no charge to you or your employees. Many employees suffer from emotional issues, family and home life conflicts, mental health concerns, substance abuse problems, and other health disorders that can interfere with effective work productivity. Whether the source of the problems are from the individual employee, the workplace itself, or greater society, many employers have turned to us to help respond to these concerns.

Today, employers are under pressure to be successful in an increasingly competitive and changing social and economic landscape. Not only must employers strive to deliver a product or service of value in the marketplace, or to fulfill their mission as an organization, but they also must establish a workforce that is healthy and productive!

Chemical Dependency In The Workplace

An estimated 75 percent of people who suffer with alcohol or drug addiction issues currently hold down a job in the United States within any given year. Over time, employees battling addiction begin to exhibit certain behaviors or patterns in the workplace. Some of the most common behaviors observed include:

  • Frequent tardy incidents
  • Missed work days
  • Drops in productivity
  • More likely to be involved in a workplace accident
  • Workers’ compensation claim filings
  • Frequent job changes

Cost Of Chemical Dependency In The Workplace

Alcohol and drug addictions cost employers an estimated $364 billion within any given year, according to the National Business Group on Health. These costs equal more than the combined costs of treating cancer and diabetes conditions.

Employer-related costs from the effects of addiction include:

  • Lost business earnings due to reduced work productivity
  • Criminal behaviors, such as stealing supplies or money
  • Increased number of medical claim filings
  • Increased number of workers’ compensation claim filings

WASAP has been proven to assist worker productivity, and decrease absenteeism and accident rates in the workplace by offering the following services to your employees:

  • Confidential drug and alcohol dependency assessment
  • Dual diagnosis inpatient and outpatient
  • Life coaching, life skills workshops
  • Individually tailored treatment programs
  • Continued care for sustained recovery

Committed To Strengthening Your Work-Force

In effect, employers who choose WASAP have reduced the overall costs involved with running a business. If an alcohol or drug addiction problem gets to the point where an employee needs to take a leave of absence, contact us immediately. In most cases, an HR Supervisor will refer the struggling employee to our staff whenever a leave of absence is requested.

This allows our representatives a chance to properly assess the situation and draw up a treatment plan. Within 24 hours our team of certified Addiction Treatment Specialists will discreetly screen, intervene, and match your employee with the proper evidence-based treatment program based on their individual needs.

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