Why Does Addiction Lead To Suicide?

Unfortunately, over fifty percent of all suicides are associated with drug and alcohol dependency and at least 25 percent of alcoholics and drug addicts commit suicide. According to this study, over 70 percent of adolescent suicides also may be complicated by drug and alcohol abuse.

These rates of suicide are substantially higher than the probability of a non-addicted person to commit suicide and that is due to what the substance is doing to their body. Although both the addict and the non-addict experience similar thoughts, the person dealing with substance abuse is more susceptible to suicide because of how drugs and alcohol ruin the chemical balance in the brain.

Most people know that substance abuse begins as an escape from some sort of pain, either physically or psychologically. These people are looking for a way to solve their problems and handle their emotions, but they have not yet learned how to do it in a healthy manner so they turn to substances as a quick fix.

Quick fixes are only temporary and do not actually solve anything. When these feelings can no longer be suppressed they lead the person to believe that the only option is suicide.

Below are some of the feelings and thoughts that come up with battling an addiction and why those might drive someone to consider suicide.



Many people initially start using substances because they want to avoid something or numb some sort of pain. This pain can be caused from any number of ways and each person’s situation is different.

Some people may have so much stress in their lives that all they are looking for is a way to escape their daily pressures. They may not necessarily be numbing any pain, but instead they are desiring to avoid the responsibilities that come with their routine. Extreme stress like this can actually even make you physically ill due to the increased levels of cortisol in your system.

Others are looking to numb their pain from a traumatic event, a loss of a loved one, feelings of worthlessness, etc. There are people who become addicted to prescription drugs by accident following a stay in a hospital for physical trauma, but for the majority of people they are suppressing an emotion.

When you hold your emotions in and never confront them they can build up and start to make you unhappy in all aspects of your life. As the feelings get harder and harder to suppress the person may see no way out besides taking their own life.

Loss Of Hope

Loss of hope could stem from one specific problem, but it often transfers over to all parts of someone’s life, making them feel like their life is spiraling out of control. This may be the primary reason why 25 percent of those addicted to substances commit suicide, because when you lose hope there seems to be no reason to go on.

Suicide is not always the result of one major event. Rather, it can be the bleeding culmination of thousands of cuts. Unhealthy relationships, job problems, financial stress, the state of the world and all it’s violence alone can add up and overwhelm anyone of us at any given time.



Feelings of regret have a lot to do with lost hope, and therefore suicide. When you’re in the state of euphoria that comes with abusing substances you’re not thinking like you normally would and that can lead to bad decisions. Unfortunately when we make a bad decision we don’t only have to face the consequences of that choice but we also tend to dwell in regret afterwards.

Being constantly filled with regret makes people believe that they are nothing but a failure and they actually don’t deserve to live. One thing to keep in mind is that everyone makes bad decisions and that things can always get better.

If you feel as though you have lost all hope for a better life or you see living as a burden accompanied only by more pain, that is when it is time to reach out for help.
If you have or had thoughts of hurting yourself, or committing suicide, you are not alone. There is help. Call us right now at [maxbutton id=”1″ ]  and we will help you.

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