August 31, 2017

Conquer Your Fear Of Withdrawal

The fear of withdrawal and the discomfort that comes with it is one of the main reasons, if not the number one reason why people delay going to treatment, but you should not allow temporary discomfort to prevent you from living a clean and sober life.

This is an important part of recovery that you must go through to detoxify your body. You’ve been poisoning your body with substances and you have to go through a transition in order to become healthy again.

To dispel some of your fear and clarify what is actually happening during withdrawal we have included some information about the process of detox.

What is actually happening during withdrawals anyway?

While we are consistently using drugs and alcohol our brain is adapting and changing to our new lifestyle full of all these new chemicals that affect our emotions and our overall mood. After using substances for a while your brain eventually becomes dependent on them (Chemical Dependency) so when you suddenly stop taking a drug or consuming alcohol your brain has a rebound effect. This rebound is your brain trying to return to its normal way of functioning without drugs or alcohol and that is when you start experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms that come with withdrawal.

As bad as withdrawal may sound to you symptoms typically only last around a week and most of the severity is within the first 48 hours, meaning that in about 2 days you will be through the hardest part of withdrawal and onto your future.


Help throughout detox

If you have ever tried to detox on your own or quit “cold-turkey” you know just how hard it is to do it alone and that is why it is not recommended by the addiction recovery community. Doing it alone can also be quite dangerous for some people which is why you should detox at a treatment facility where you are cared for by medical professionals.

When you first enter a treatment facility the first part of your recovery is likely going to be detox which is where the withdrawal occurs. During this period of detox you are completely cared for by the facility staff and are constantly monitored for comfortability.

Great examples of excellent detox care and services include:

  • Constant supervision
  • Medical support staff
  • Painkillers provided
  • Exercise treatment
  • Healthy food

Think of yourself as having your own personal detox team, because technically you do. The staff at your treatment facility will do everything they can to ease your pain while still keeping you safe and healthy.



Going through temporary pain

In the end you need to understand that there is going to be a little bit of discomfort and pain through the process of detox, just as there is with any other change in life. Most change requires doing things that you don’t always want to do, but often it is the things we fear the most that we actually need to do above anything else.

 Think again of the timeline of detox where the most severe discomfort is gone after 48 hours and your entire withdrawal lasts at maximum a couple weeks with minor symptoms such as sleep apnea up to a month. This is a couple weeks out of your life that will end up changing your life! Whether you do nothing or you do something the days will pass anyway.

If you were to just decide right now that you’re going to get treatment you would be done before you know it, but if you let fear control your decisions and decide to delay getting treatment you will be heading down the same road knowing that if you didn’t wait you could have been finished already.



Don’t let fear control you any longer, call us now at (877) 212-8299  and we will find the perfect treatment center to fit your individual needs. Our treatment specialists are available to answer your calls 24/7.


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