July 10, 2017

5 Ways To Fight Alcohol Cravings

There are tons of great ways and methods out there to help reduce the cravings of having a drink, but everyone has their own favorites that work best for them. What works for someone may not work for someone else and that’s fine, determine what works best for you and stick with that.

It is of course best to be around positive people that are serious about your recovery such as friends and family who can be there to keep your mind off cravings, but sometimes you’re going to be alone when others are busy or unavailable.

When you’re alone is often when the cravings hit hardest and in these situations it is best to know about at least a few things you could do to avoid drinking.

So here below are 5 great methods you can use to keep your mind off of cravings when you’re alone.


Take a cold shower

This method is one of the lesser known ways to reduce cravings but it is very useful for a number of reasons. First cold showers are a drug-free way to fight depression. As most people aren’t used to cold showers, when the cold water hits you, it feels like your whole body is going crazy. All of these impulses at once act as a kind of reset for your brain, resulting in a mood-boosting effect.

Cold showers also boost willpower and self discipline which can come in very handy when those cravings hit. Building a habit of doing something uncomfortable translates into an ability to handle other uncomfortable situations, situations that make you grow.



Exercise is an amazing way to reduce cravings and it is one of the most popular among those trying to stay sober because it works so well. Exercise is also a big part of many rehab treatment programs for this very reason. When you’re working out and physically exerting yourself you’re releasing positive chemicals in the brain called endorphins that make you feel good and happy.

This can also be a form of removing yourself from a bad environment, go on a run with fresh air or go to a gym where everyone is focused on improving themselves.


Remove yourself from the situation

When you feel the craving coming on strong, get out of the room or area. It really doesn’t matter where you go as long as it’s not near a source of alcohol such as a liquor store or bar. Simply going outside is one of the easiest ways to remove yourself from temptations.  Physically get away from the situation you are in, and do something else, this will distract you at least for a little while.


Eat a meal or have some dessert

Sometimes cravings can be confused with hunger so get a meal in you. Food stimulates the mind is similar ways that alcohol does, especially if the food tastes good. Candy also has a lot of sugar like alcohol does which means that after eating the candy your mind no longer craves that feeling that comes from drinking.


Read motivational quotes or books

Motivational quotes and books written by great people throughout history have a way of getting us focused on what we really want and what we should be doing to achieve our goals. When you find a great quote that sounds like it was written specifically for you, it feels like that person is speaking directly to you. The Bible is probably the best book out there for this, but if you’re not spiritual there are hundreds of great books available out there that have motivated people to action.

By reading motivational quotes and books you will also get used to positive self-talk which is another way to distract yourself from drinking.

For anyone struggling with constant alcohol cravings we suggest that you try at least a few of these 5 techniques, if not all, and see how they help you. We hope that this list can be a great resource for you throughout your road to recovery.

If you are not yet sober or are looking to remain sober but are having difficulties not drinking, please call us any hour of the day, any day of the week at (877) 212-8299  and we will get you into a treatment center that is a perfect fit for you.

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