Levels of Care

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C2R offers a full spectrum of treatment services to each client, based on his or her individual needs as assessed through comprehensive evaluations at admission and throughout his or her participation in the program. The five Levels Of Care are found among the facilities in the Connection 2 Recovery network.

Treatment programs must be individually tailored to fit the needs of each person affected by a substance use disorder. Five main levels of treatment exist to allow patients to begin the treatment process and guide them through recovery. Every person has different needs when it comes to substance abuse treatment. When patients first enter rehab, it is important they are assigned to the proper level of care. This approach to treatment, or continuum of care, ensures that patients receive adequate care upon admission and are smoothly transitioned to a higher or lower level of care as needed. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, there are five main levels of treatment in the continuum of care for addiction treatment.


Our Levels Of Care
Medical Detox

Detox is the highest level of care because it involves medical monitoring of the withdrawal process so the body can safely heal from chemical dependency.

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment is the inpatient treatment of clients who have been medically cleared and whose withdrawal symptoms have stabilized. Residential clients reside at our facilities and are monitored 24/7.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization is a structured program providing care at least five days a week for no less than six hours per day. The purpose of PHP is to move clients away from around-the-clock supervision and allow them more real “real-Life” experience in the community.

Intensive Outpatient

Our IOP provides care for 3-6 days a week, three hours a day, at minimum, allowing clients greater access to the community.

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Outpatient Program

Our Outpatient Program allows the client to attend on-site, individual and/or group therapy for approximately one hour 1 – 2 days a week.

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