Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis treats mental illness and addiction.

For many in the United States it can seem like two blades of the same sword. Some people are driven to abuse alcohol and drugs in an effort to self-medicate their struggles with everyday life. Whether it is bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, mood disorders or any other type of behavioral health disorder, many times they lend a helping hand to and alcohol abuse and/or drug addiction. Long-term studies have shown that treating only one disorder does not necessarily cure the other.

Mental health and addiction is best approached with an integrated treatment plan with a focus on long-term recovery. Connection 2 Recovery’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers offer some of the best evidence-based drug treatment available in the United States today.

20.2 million American adults have a substance abuse disorder.National Institute of Mental Health

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Our licensed and certified staff monitors the patient 24/7 while we begin group therapy sessions designed to navigate this crucial step of recovery:the first 90 days.

Long Term Drug Abuse Recovery.

Long term alcohol abuse and drug abuse can be devastating to your friends and family. Couple this with an ongoing mental disorder and it can feel like recovery and sobriety are near impossible. Connection 2 Recovery is staffed with kind, compassionate and caring professionals who are ready to help. With a wide variety of integrated treatment programs, inpatient care and outpatient care, support groups and medical treatment, C2R’s resources are available to help you in all aspects for people with diverse dual diagnosis needs.

Withdrawal symptoms can compound another existing mental illness and make the path to recovery a very long and difficult one. Connection 2 Recovery’s evidence-based approach to treatment can successfully overcome these obstacles in long-term, compassionate substance abuse treatment.