Drug Use & Depression

Depression can be caused by drug usage, it can also be what drives drug use.

Depression and substance abuse in the United States commonly go hand in hand. Often people are using drugs or alcohol to cope with a preexisting mental illness. Major depression causes many problems in the individual’s life and has an adverse affect on themselves, their friends and family members as well. Turning to drugs and alcohol can temporarily ease the strife that comes with clinical depression, but this relief only serves to make both problems much worse.

Co-occurring disorders are identified with a dual-diagnosis that many substance abuse treatment programs look for when admitting new patients. Treating these other disorders such as severe depression, bipolar disorder and other mood affective disorders can help the drug abuse treatment immensely. Recognizing these other factors and treating them can greatly increase the success of curing the substance abuse disorder and vice versa.

Our licensed and certified staff monitors the patient 24/7 while we begin group therapy sessions designed to navigate this crucial step in recovery, the first 90 days.

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Drug addiction and depression creates negative thoughts in the individual, which can spiral out of control while the addict plunges into negative thoughts and adverse life outcomes. Ranging from suicidal thoughts to just a minor ‘case of the blues’ a chemical imbalance exists in the brain and there are many medical and psychological techniques to treat the problem. Connection 2 Recovery offers an evidence-based, compassionate treatment approach to rehabilitation. We offer help through every step of the rehab process. It all begins with a call to one of our representatives. Starting with a medically supervised initial detox while the addict recovers from chemical dependency, we monitor the individual 24/7 and help them through their initial withdrawal symptoms. Next, C2R’s intensive inpatient program monitors the recovery process of the patient to identify the addiction treatment programs that will work best for them. Our licensed and certified staff monitors the patient 24/7 while we begin group therapy sessions designed to navigate this crucial step in recovery, the first 90 days.

At Connection 2 Recovery we emphasize a ‘social model’ approach to drug and alcohol rehab, one which focuses on integrating the individual back into a productive member of society. Family therapy sessions are encouraged to build a network of support for the recovering addict. Alcohol and drug treatment works best when reinforced by those friends and family closest to the individual. We also equip our patients with relapse prevention techniques to help maintain a sustained, lifelong sobriety.

Treating clinical depression coupled with an advanced substance abuse treatment greatly increases the success in curing both disorders.

We have the tools that you can use to begin your journey to a lifetime of physical and mental health through sobriety. You can start the process confidently with our experience at your back.

Health insurance is accepted and many times treatment at Connection 2 Recovery is available at little to no cost out of pocket.