Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is a growing problem for many people in the United States.

Understanding the causes of drug or alcohol abuse is crucial in developing successful, compassionate treatment options that can help an addict heal and maintain a lifelong sobriety. Drug rehab centers at Connection 2 Recovery are staffed with knowledgeable, caring experts who can help the individual achieve sobriety and maintain it with a long- term recovery process. We specialize in an evidence-based approach to substance abuse treatment.

C2R’s professional drug rehab centers in the United States offer proven treatment methods to individuals struggling with addiction. We understand not only the symptoms, but also the causes of drug abuse from all aspects of everyday life. In many cases a dual-diagnosis is necessary to address not only the drug abuse, but perhaps the physical, mental health and social contributors to your addiction. Most patients begin with a medical detox, inpatient care and continue through outpatient care and support groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA). We never want the cost of treatment to be an obstacle in receiving the help you need. That’s why we accept most health insurance plans. In many cases, the substance abuse treatment will be of little to no cost for you, based on your insurance coverage.

20.2 million American adults have a substance abuse disorder.National Institute of Mental Health

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We accept most health insurance plans. In many cases, the substance abuse treatment will be of little to no cost for you based on your insurance coverage.

Drug Rehab is the first step in returning that feeling of being present.

We understand this form of health care may be one of the most important forms of medical care you could receive in your lifetime. At Connection 2 Recovery, we LISTEN to YOU. Your needs, your lifestyle, your desire for a better, healthy, sober life. A personalized treatment plan is implemented knowing the process can vary greatly depending on your individual needs. Again, this is about your needs. All you have to do is take the first step, and ask for help.

Remember, your friends and family care about you and want to see you succeed at sober living. We will work with your loved ones through family therapy, behavioral health treatment and mental health awareness, with a scientifically proven approach to full recovery. We understand how much easier it is to begin and maintain sobriety with the help of trained professionals and those family and friends who are closest to you. We will create the foundation for sober living in your mind, and the tools to change your perspective on drug abuse.

Every step in the process has new challenges and Connection 2 Recovery is available to meet your needs throughout this long difficult process. Our goal is to offer care at little to no cost to the individual. Our affordable programs were designed to keep money from being an obstacle in receiving the help you need. We accept most insurance plans and offer a variety of payment options so you can get the help you need instantly. We are always open so give us a call: (877) 212-8299