Learn about what makes Connection 2 Recovery different.

Connection 2 Recovery (C2R) is a national admissions coordinating center for some of the nation’s top rated addiction treatment facilities. Our organization has been operating out of Riverside, California since August of 2014 and has since built a reputation for the highest standards in client care and real recovery.

Our Treatment Coordinators are expected to carry out these responsibilities on behalf of every single one of our clients: Listen to each story without judgment. Ensure the individual is not a danger to themselves or others. Obtain contact information for at least 2 people who are supportive of their recovery. Gain understanding of client’s mental health background and history i.e. depression, anxiety, PTSD etc. Gain thorough understanding of previous treatment history. What worked? What didn’t work? Complete full verification of substance abuse health benefits. Gain thorough understanding of any legal issues and advocate for the client by reaching out and explaining the nature of the case to public defenders, judges, and probation/parole officers so that no legal issues interrupt their time in treatment. Coordinate transportation, airfare, itineraries, pickup and drop/off. Assess the motivation of each client to ensure they are ready to commit to their recovery. Understand the client’s religious or spiritual needs and how to incorporate those needs into their program. Set the expectations for what treatment will be like and how to handle any issues while they’re in treatment. Work to bridge the gaps of communication or broken trust with family support. Check in with client for continued follow up care to ensure each client’s recovery is strong and offer opportunities to engage in community activities & alumni programs to sustain their sobriety.


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